A few miles away, a city is underwater. People were evacuated from their homes, and now have nothing to do but sit and hope that they’re lives aren’t left too broken after the waters recede. But here on campus, even though plenty of people are just partying because of there not being classes, it’s starting to become clear that tensions are high. I’ve seen at least three fights on facebook already, because no one can say anyone without being told off that there’s a disaster going on. One person asks for tomorrows weather report because he wants classes canceled? About six people berate him for it saying how there’s a disaster. One person says he wishes there were classes tomorrow and there still end up being attacks.

The truth of the matter is, aside from one day of kind of gloomy rain, we here on campus were untouched by this disaster. It was hard for us to get a feel for how bad things were. I know it took me until some time Thursday before I realized that this wasn’t just some large puddles on the road, this was extreme flooding. Unfortunately there are probably some students who still don’t realize how bad it is. However, I don’t think we need people starting fights over it trying to get them to see. Even though they’re may be some truth to the fact that they should be more aware of the world around them, it just won’t help.

One thing is for sure though, this is making for a pretty strange first weeks of classes. Not exactly the introduction to college I’d hoped for. I’m doing what I can though. I’ve signed up to volunteer at 1:30 tomorrow, and I’ll do whatever else I can for them. At the same time though, I won’t pretend I wasn’t at least a little happy to hear that classes were canceled.

Stay safe Binghamton, I’ll help in any way I can.

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